Saturday, September 21, 2013

Merdeka's Closing Ceremony

20th September 2013 (Friday) - On this day, there were 3 final activities held . They were the choir, class creativity & fashion competition. All students were free to wear traditional costumes with the theme 'Malaysian Fashion'. Some of them wore fully costumes with the help of their parents' brilliant ideas in order to win the fashion competition. The students also did their best performance in the choir competition although some class did not succeed in getting the top three position. Nevertheless, they enjoyed themselves during their presentation. Some pictures taken during the event.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Camping for Scouts at Hutan Lipur Kawang

28 JUN - 30 JUN 2013 (Friday to Sunday) - 18 Boy Scouts had their camping at the Hutan Lipur at Kawang together with 2 Scout Masters (En Sudin & En Rattis) to learn some activities which are needed in their daily lives. They were also tested with the activities they have learnt such as cooking, making gadgets, swimming etc. Here are some pictures taken during the 2nd day.


More pictures by Pn Malinie  ...

Some pictures taken by En Sudin ....

More pictures to be uploaded soon ... here they are :)

Awards Day for Girl Guides (Tunas Puteri)

26 JUN 2013 (WEDNESDAY) - Some of the guides got their badges upgraded by Pn Norhayah (Leader of the Guides Patrol) with the help of some of her assistants (Cik Suzanah)during the Uniforms' Activities. Meanwhile, for those who were already upgraded had their test on different activities. They were then had their badge awards to add to their collections. Congrats to the Girl Guides Patrol. Here are some pictures taken during the ceremony.